We are a small family owned and passionate lovers of Yorkie’s Terrier with many years of experience and we are specialize in producing Parti color Yorkie puppies with amazing quality, health, structure, charisma, and temperament. Our goal is to produce healthy and quality parti Yorkies that will be placed in loving family homes. We are specialize in quality parti Yorkie puppies, that will make great companions. Our puppies are raised with a lot of individual attention allowing them to develop the personalities and temperament that make them excellent companions. All of our parti Yorkie puppies live at home with us in a loving family environment with kids and other home pets like cats and births. We take great pride in making sure our puppies are well-socialized.  Our goal to you is to find you the perfect new family member! Our goal is to provide my puppies excellent loving homes and for you to have the best possible experience with your new family member.

Our Goal Puppy
About parti yorkie


The traditional color of a Parti Yorkie is Black, Tan and White. Since 2000, AKC included the Parti classification for Yorkshire Terriers. There are many different color combinations that can occur in Parti Yorkshire Terriers. A few examples are Golden Parti and Chocolate Parti Yorkies. As breeders better understand the genetics of Yorkies I believe their will become even more colors or shades of parti colored Yorkie for sale. As an example I have already seen a Black and White Parti Yorkshire Terrier which doesn’t have any Tan. There is much debate as to whether Parti Yorkies are even true Yorkies. I can’t prove that the Parti Colored Yorkies line wasn’t as a result of breeding a Yorkie to another breed of dog, that is the responsibility of AKC. What I can show is that there is a probably of this color occurring in the Yorkshire Terrier.



  1. Hands-On Experience with Our Yorkie Puppies.
  2. Proper socialization Training.
  3. Picking Up Your Puppy from Our Facility.
  4. Proper Potty training.
  5. Picking Up Your Puppy from the Airport.
  6. Proper socialization Training.
  7. Free Grooming training.
  8. Delivering your puppy at your door step.

Your Benefits

  1. Our Parti Yorkie puppies go home with a complimentary first veterinary exam.
  2. We provide our customers with their puppies Health Certificate, complete up to date vaccination record.
  3. Our Puppies come with a Microchip ready for activation.
  4. We also provide all customers with a comprehensive one (1) year extended warranty with their puppy.
  5. Completed Registration Papers.
  6. Resources Kit (with a training video).
  7. We provide our customers with high-quality food for start.